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Why Baby Boomers Are Perfectly Suited for Freelance Work

Posted by Lizette Sundvick | May 06, 2020 | 0 Comments

Baby Boomer Freelancer

Virtual freelancing isn't just for millennials: whether they're looking to earn extra income, have flexible work options, bulk up their retirement funds, or transition into retirement, baby boomers make up a large chunk of gig economy workers. A study by FreshBooks shows that 49 percent of freelancers are more than 50 years old, with 32 percent of baby boomers who work full-time now are expected to start freelancing over the next few years. But is freelancing right for you? Let's look at the benefits and why the older generations make great freelancers.

Work-Life Balance

Freelancing gives you what a traditional full-time job can't: flexible work options. Freelancing allows for working on a less stringent schedule, so you can take that long lunch with friends or choose to work when your energy is highest. As long as you are meeting your deadlines, you can be the boss of your schedule. This flexibility provides freelancers the opportunity to create the work-life balance they desire.

Experience Trumps Youth

Baby boomers can sometimes find it hard to secure work when competing with younger generations. However, when freelancing, employers examine qualifications, not age. It levels the playing field and allows a baby boomer's decades of experience to shine. Millennials might tend to have an edge up in certain new tech areas, but the knowledge, skills, and specialized training that baby boomers have accumulated over the years are unrivaled. They have wisdom and historical perspectives in their industry that younger generations can't offer. Some freelancing baby boomers choose to leverage their wealth of experience into lucrative consulting gigs that far outweigh the rates millennials can command. The opportunities are vast for baby boomers to use their experience to obtain work in the freelancing world. What kind of skills do you already possess that you can market?

Invaluable Soft Skills

On top of the extensive experience and industry knowledge that baby boomers can offer clients, they also tend to have soft skills and attributes clients find invaluable. Their strong work ethic serves freelancing well, as they have the self-discipline to meet their deadlines and take pride in delivering quality work. Communication skills are strong as they have decades of experience communicating with clients and customers in person, over the phone, and through email. And the wisdom they've gained solving life and work problems helps them problem-solve for their clients, giving them the advantage over the younger generations.

Baby boomers are highly-sought-after experts, assistants, and team players in freelancing. Their reliability, knowledge, and skills are what clients are looking for when hiring. If you're interested in reinventing yourself as a freelancer, now is the time to start thinking about how you can apply your skills to your advantage. Your chances of being successful might be better than you imagined. If you've never worked for yourself before and don't know where to start, Sundvick Legacy Center offers business services that can help get you on the right track with your new freelancing career. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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Lizette Sundvick

Lizette B. Sundvick is one of the longest practicing female attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been a member of WealthCounsel, LLC since 2002 and has received training from various legal and coaching organizations, such as WealthCounsel, LLC, the Nevada WealthCounsel Forum (Founding President – 2009-2012), National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys,...


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