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About Sundvick Legacy Center
A word from Lizette B. Sundvick

Serving Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, including the Surrounding Areas

A Passion for Estate Planning

Lizette B. Sundvick, Esq.

After graduating from Rutgers College in New Jersey, I moved to San Diego to go to California Western School of Law. It was in law school when I discovered my passion for Estate Planning. However, when I started my career in 1993, my first associate position was practicing in Family Law, Probate and Guardianship matters. It was in 1995 when I opened my Las Vegas-based law practice continuing to do what I knew how to do and litigating on a daily basis. By 1997, I was burnt out, sick and purposeless. I woke up one day and realized “What am I doing all of this for anyway?”

That question started me on my journey to obtain top training from the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and WealthCounsel, LLC, amongst other organizations to purposefully and intentionally develop my estate planning practice and the processes we use at Sundvick Legacy Center today to help families positively impact their families instead of falling apart in the reactive areas of law of divorce, probate and guardianship.

Built on a Foundation of Authenticity

Because the legal field can be a cold and competitive environment leaving clients wondering if their concerns really matter to a law firm, I have built a team at Sundvick Legacy Center on the foundation of authenticity to provide clients with a safe place to explore their concerns, hopes and dreams through real discussions about what matters for themselves and their families.

“I have dedicated over 25 years to serving Southern Nevada to develop an integrated Total Legacy Care Process to design and create proactive, holistic and comprehensive asset protection, business and estate plans that bring peace of mind for life.” - Lizette B. Sundvick, Esq.

Relationships Based on Integrity

We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients based upon integrity. Our focus is on the best interests of our clients. Our dedication to understanding our client's life goals, concerns and dreams and aligning our client's Asset Protection, Business and Estate Plans to their desired results involves listening, analysis and a comprehensive approach.

A True Sense of Accountability

Authenticity and Integrity without accountability is a theory of good intentions. In May of 2014, Sundvick Legacy Center raised its standards from helping clients with funding packets to fund their plans to verifying that our clients actually achieved a fully coordinated Asset Protection, Business and Estate plan. This standard is above what is typically required in the Estate Planning field. Sundvick Legacy Center and our team of professionals strive to be your trusted advisor by providing a true sense of accountability.

“The lessons that I have learned in being a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, friend, lawyer, business owner, patient, perpetual life learner and Christ follower have all contributed to my own well-being in addition to the success of Sundvick Legacy Center and how I relate, counsel and commit to serve the best interests of my clients. I take the statement 'Love your neighbor as yourself' very seriously and treat others the best I can as I would want to be treated if I was entrusting my family to someone else.” - Lizette B. Sundvick, Esq.

Wonderful to Work With

“Lizette and the staff are wonderful to work with and always give us excellent, on target advice. The sense of protection and confidence we have with the Sundvick Legacy Center allows us to relax and enjoy life.”
- Shirley & Terry L.

Professional, but Caring

“I appreciate Lizette's professional, but caring support through my Mom's last years and passing and also the help with my own trust. My experience with Sundvick Legacy services was very positive in every aspect.”
- Judy A.