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20 Fun Quality Time Activities for Father's Day

Posted by Lizette Sundvick | Jun 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Father's Day

On Father's Day, there are many different ways to celebrate with your dad, the father of your children, or an important father figure in your life. We've compiled a list of activities to make this Father's Day memorable for you and him. The key ingredient in all of them? Spending time with the people he loves the most. No matter if he prefers a day jam-packed with activities or something more relaxing, quality time is what will make this day special. 

1. Make a homemade gift

A thoughtful gift you made yourself is much more meaningful than something store-bought. If he enjoys doing crafts, you can make it a family activity.

2. Take a minivacation

Take a weekend road trip somewhere new or even just explore new sites within your city with a staycation. Search for neat roadside attractions or ghost towns and take some fun family photos.

3. Host a family game night

Playing board games, card games, or even video games is the perfect way to bond with some quality time. If he is competitive, perhaps Jenga, charades, or Monopoly would be his choice. If he loves brain teasers and trivia, maybe it can be a trivia night.

4. Participate in his favorite hobby

What does he enjoy doing in his off-time? Whether that's working with his hands, gardening, or cooking, he'll enjoy the hobby even more because you're taking an interest and doing it with him on his special day. 

5. Play in the water

Father's Day lands on the perfect time of the year for some water fun. Swimming, kayaking, rafting, and tubing are just some of the ways you can take advantage of this June holiday. Spend some quality time on the water by renting a boat or jet ski for the day.

6. Watch a movie

If he's a movie fan, whether it's at home, at a movie theater, or a drive-in theater, a movie night would be a fun option for him. If you're at home, do it up with popcorn, his favorite candies, beverages, and comfy seats. If your home and the weather allow for it, set up an outdoor screening in your backyard by shining a projector against a blank wall or a taut sheet.

7. Enjoy the great outdoors

Is he an outdoorsy guy? Get the family together for a memorable day outside hiking, fishing, camping, biking, picnicking, or whatever other outdoor activity he enjoys.

8. Do an act of service

Do you know the five love languages? "Acts of Service" is one of them, and some people much prefer them over gifts. If your special guy is one of those people, show him that you care by doing something for him, like finishing that one project he never got around to or cleaning out his car.

9. Bake a Father's Day treat or dinner

Making something delicious that you can enjoy as a family is a wonderful way to show your love. For an interesting treat, try new recipes from around the world, particularly if you can find recipes that reflect your cultural heritage. 

10. Take a cooking class

If he enjoys cooking or baking, look around for an in-person or virtual cooking class you can take together. Alternatively, you can gift him a series of classes he can take on his own, paired with that snazzy kitchen gadget he's been wanting.

11. Get your karaoke on

Who doesn't enjoy some good (or so bad it's good) karaoke? You can book a private space at a karaoke lounge or rent a machine to have your own karaoke party at home.

12. Host a beer or wine tasting

Does he fancy himself a beer or wine connoisseur? Create a spread for him at home with his favorite beverages or ones he's never tried before, paired with a selection of complementary foods, like cheeses, grapes, or pretzels. If he's trying drinks he's never had before, give him a scorecard to keep track - he might just find a new favorite because of you. 

13. Explore ancestral locations

Have you ever considered heritage tourism? That's when travel is customized to your family history and heritage, such as visiting the places of your ancestors. It would be a great way to experience new things together. Do some online research to scout out birth and burial sites, hometowns, and more places to visit.

14. Pamper him with a spa day

Spa days are not just for Mother's Day. Dads love (and deserve!) massages and pampering too. Consider booking some spa treatments for him that he can either do solo or with a partner, like a massage, pedicure, or manicure. Some spas have pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, or saunas that he can also enjoy while he's there, making it a whole day of relaxation. 

15. Hit the golf course

For the golf lover, book a tee time at his favorite course or head out to the driving range together. Go the extra mile by cleaning and organizing his gear ahead of time. If he has little kids, consider a round of mini-golf together as a family and then give him some time to play on his own or with his buddies.

16. Watch a sporting match

Enjoy some quality time rooting for his favorite team or cheering on the home team in whatever sport he enjoys. Get tickets to the ballpark, arena, tennis court, or whatever venue hosts his favorite sport and go together. And make sure to buy the drinks and hot dogs!

17. Take him axe throwing

For an outing he won't forget, try something a little out-of-the-box and take him axe throwing. 

18. Host a friendly family competition

Come up with games to compete in as a whole family. Ideas include minute-to-win-it games, horseshoes, or cornhole. If he's competitive, keep score and tally the points up at the end to present a prize to the winner.

19. Visit a museum

Is he the intellectual or artistic type? Take him to the museum of modern art, the natural history museum, a historical site, the zoo, or an aquarium. 

20. Trace your family's roots

For a meaningful way of feeling more connected to your family, go the genealogical route. Research your family tree, find out more about your family's name and the meaning/history behind it, learn about your cultural heritage, and go through old photo albums and memorabilia together.

No matter what you end up doing, the purpose of Father's Day is to celebrate the father figure in your life and thank him for his love and support in a way that is most meaningful to him. 


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