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“Lizette and the staff are wonderful to work with and always give us excellent, on target advice. The sense of protection and confidence we have with the Sundvick Legacy Center allows us to relax and enjoy life.” Shirley & Terry L.
“The micro tweaks to my estate plan that we’ve made through the years have been just as impactful as the macro decisions made early on. Intention is just not enough. You need someone to help you drive the bus who knows how to get there and avoid the potholes along the way.” Jean W.
“The first time I met with Lizette was in 2008, right after my husband passed away. I was devastated and confused, but knew I had to get my estate in order. With her demeanor of caring and understanding we soon had my trust done. My life had changed in the last 7 years...and once again I found Lizette there for me. I would recommend Sundvick Legacy Center to anyone needing estate planning. Lizette is understanding, caring and very knowledgeable.” Pamela L.
“Excellent service! Lizette’s work has given me inner peace. She is highly regarded!” Private Client
“Excellent professional service with a genuine interest in my protection and satisfaction.” Private Client
“Very nice job on Trust prep. Professional, no wasted time, friendly service. Thank you!” K. Johnson
“The service was meticulous! The services provided by Sundvick Legacy Center were very detailed. The organization and presentation of the Trust is very elegant.” M & S Friedlander
“We received a detailed, interactive guide in a timely manner. All aspects of the estate planning were performed in a relaxed professional manner. Personal trust goes a long way in a recommendation.” C. Robison
“I have been under extreme stress and felt very vulnerable since my husband’s death. I had no idea how involved our estate is and am so happy with Lizette and her staff. They are all so efficient! …I feel my estate is safe and organized and I can relax. I am so totally pleased with the results.” Patricia J.
“Lizette Sundvick is a caring, empathetic person who is very dedicated to her family and clients. She is friendly and personable and her explanations are clear and understandable. Sundvick Legacy Center places a great deal of emphasis on the quality of their services.” J. Ross
“Lizette sees the entire playing field and gets clients to see the same field. She interprets client goals well, even though the clients may not voice them adequately, if at all. We feel that she uses her extensive knowledge and tailors it for clients to make their situation better. We are exceedingly glad to have met her.” The Harris Family
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lizette and her staff in helping my family with my mother’s estate planning. My mother just moved to Nevada to better be with our family in her senior years. After one meeting, Lizette was able to give my mother a comprehensive and custom financial plan for her specific needs. I highly recommend Lizette for all your estate and financial planning needs.” L. Battin
“I appreciate Lizette’s professional, but caring support through my Mom’s last years and passing and also the help with my own trust. My experience with Sundvick Legacy services was very positive in every aspect.” Judy A.

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